Regro design, build and operate information transmission paths also known as communication channel links.

Regro Technology is making use of advanced radio planning tool. It is capable of modelling any size of point to point radio system from intensive local area to extensive countrywide. The planning tool provides benefit at all stages of network ownership and regulation bodies including tasks such as technology evaluation, site candidates, business modelling, network design, spectrum optimization and engineering data sharing.


Regro design, build and operate communication channel coverage plans.

Regro Technology is making use of advanced radio coverage planning tool. It is capable of modelling any highly build-up area to extensive countrywide.  The tool allows the planning engineer to develop rapidly and economically wide networks in indoor, outdoor, indoor/outdoor and mixed environment such urban and rural.


Regro will calculate the available Peak Information Rate (PIR) and Committed Information Rate (CIR) for the client to ensure cost effective roll out of communication infrastructure.

Part of any radio design is to select the right data throughput capacity to match the customer requirements. The planning tool allows you to select the correct antenna sizes and frequency channel size to provide the right data throughput with the highest link available during the year in raining seasons.


Although interference testing can be seen as part of Network Optimization, it is a much more specialized area requiring the use of advanced RF Spectrum Analysis which Regro undertakes on behalf of or for the client.

To be able to provide a reliable radio network, frequency interference should be reduce as far as possible. Regro makes use of advanced planning tool to predict possible interference and take necessary steps to decrease interference by increasing discrimination between radio frequency signals.